We offer a wide range of lunch options,
both sweet and savoury and cater for parties of any size.

Our full price list is below, however,
if you have any ideas of your own please feel free to let us know.

Free local delivery on all orders over £30

Please note: We do require 24 hours notice for catering options. 



Sandwiches/Filled Rolls

Fillings available include: Cheese, Ham, Prawn, Tuna, Egg, Chicken,
Roast Beef, Pastrami, Coronation Chicken, Smoked Salmon.  
Additional fillings can also be arranged.

Sandwich Platter One – consists of 24 quarters, suitable for 4- 6 people                £15.95

Sandwich Platter Two  consists of 48 quarters, suitable for 8 -10 people             £29.95

Sandwich Platter Three – consists of 72 quarters, suitable for 12 – 14 people        £44.95

Bridge Roll Platter – consists of 21 filled rolls                                                              £15.95

Bagel Platter – consists of 24 filled bagel pieces - salmon and cream               £14.95
cheese, tuna and cucumber, pastrami and gherkin, beef with mustard and
cream cheese and cucumber

Children's Party Platter – Sandwich fingers filled with cheese, ham, egg,               £12.95
jam and tuna - plenty for 15 little ones

(We are able to fulfil larger orders please contact to discuss further)



Sausage Roll Platter – consists of 24 cocktail sausage rolls                                     £14.95

Chicken Party Platter – consists of 20 chicken wings                                               £19.95
& 12 southern fried chicken strips

Duck Spring Roll Platter – consists of 30 duck filled spring rolls                             £19.95
served with a hoi sin dipping sauce

Savoury Party Platter (V) – mini samosas, onion bhaji& spring rolls                      £19.95
consists of approx 30 pieces

Crudities Platter (V) - Bite size pieces of peppers, cucumber, celery,                      £20.95
carrots& cherry tomatoes served with a houmous dip

Prawn Platter – consists of 20 breaded butterfly king prawns served with              £24.95
a sweet chilli dipping sauce

We are also able to supply crisps & soft drinks


Sweet Platters

Mini Danish – consists of approx 24 pastries                                                             £19.95 

MiniDoughnuts -  consists of approx 30 jam filled doughnuts                                £12.95

Mini Muffins – consists of approx 24 cakes – various flavours                                 £15.95

Cake Slice Platter – consists of 17 slices of cake consisting of                                 £9.95
three flavours of your choice. Choose from Madeira, banana,
chocolate, cherry, lemon and blueberry

Cream Tea Platter – consists of 12 mini fruit scones accompanied                          £12.95
with fresh cream and jam

(Additional cakes platters are available and can be discussed)


Fresh Fruit

Our fresh fruit platters typically consists of melon, grapes, strawberries, apples     £20.95
and kiwi fruit.


Breakfast Meetings

Mini Morning Pastries- includes croissants, pain au chocolate and pain au raisin      £14.95
(consists of 20 pastries)

Fresh Fruit Platter                                                                                                               £20.95

Bacon or Sausage Rolls – served with Heinz Tomato Sauce or HP Brown Sauce        £1.90 (per roll)
(Available for Collection Only)


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